Services and Prices

Self Assessment / Partnership Tax Returns

We can process your figures or calculate you Turnover/Sales, Expenses and Net Profit from the documents you provide us.

We will provide a Profit and Loss Account if we calculate your figures from your documents. (Not from your own figures)

Full calculation inc processing and Profit and Loss prices start from:

£200 Sole Trader Work from home

£300 Sole Trader Shop/unit

£250 Partnerships Work from Home

£350 Partnership Shop/Unit

£50 Processing your figures only Sole Trader

£75 Partnership processing your figures only inc processing of Self Assessment Tax Returns

Small Limited Accounts

We can provide a Full Set of Accounts monthly or Annually.  

£50 per month Profit and Loss Account Work from home £60 per month small shop/unit

£65 Per month Full set off accounts (P&L and BS) £75 Small shop/unit

£500 Annual Full set of accounts Work from home

£750 Annual Full set of accounts Small shop / Unit

Price include processing accounts to HM Revenue and Customs and Companies House at the end of the financial year.


We can provide weekly, Monthly or Annual PAYE processing to HM Revenue and Customs.  Wage slip can be provide for each employee. We can also set up your HM Revenue and Customs Pension Scheme.

£5 per processing only (no payslip) 1 employee

£2.50 each addition employee (no wage slips)

£7.50 per week processed and wage slip 1 employee

£3.00 for each additional employee

All you need to do is pay employees and any Tax, National Insurance and Pension Contributions


We can process you VAT return for:

£50 per return (per QTR)

£75 for VAT breakdown

We can also do your:  CIS, Sales Invoices, Credit Control and other Accounts Departments tasks give us a call today to discuss your accounting needs. 

We can even take care of your property rental income - 8% Management fee from each monthly rent collected (We do not guarantee rent)